Monday, November 23, 2015

Adventure in the hills

Hunting is not cruel

I am learning to write persuasively
Progression Two criteria:
I can clearly state an opinion.
· I can give 3 reasons to justify my opinion.
· I can give a simple conclusion.
· I may have a rhetorical question.
· I am using persuasive language
· Eg. In my opinion, therefore, likewise, finally, wouldn’t you…
· I am using emotive language to appeal to the reader.
· Eg. absolutely, critical, definitely, urgently, perfect, wasting

                     My Speech- Hunting is not cruel

Oh why hello there I did not see you standing there. My name is Bryn Nelson a hunting expert I know a lot about hunting.

Firstly, it can feed your family
Hunting animals can help you feed your family by the meat in there body. It can help you survive in the bush and it also is a healthy food that you can eat. It has  heaps of blood which is good for catching water creatures like sharks, eels and much more.

Good outdoor family event
Hunting can be a great outdoor sport and experience for new learners. You can also look at the natural environment and see birds like tui fan tail and many more.

Keeps pest animal populations down
Some animals are pests in the wild so you must keep their populations down which means we have to kill the wildlife. For instance

A Moment of Time

A Moment of Time

April 25 1915 gallipoli - our plan was to capture the capital city Constantinople. We had more than 12,000 troops aboard the 10 steam boats.There was 200 on a boat 3:30 we start to climb down the rope ladders and on the wooden boats the rope was like a wiggles like a fish out of the water.After we had got every one onto the boats we started to row to shore we were yelling out are good wishes.  

4:00 we hit shore and the bullets are falling from the sky like hail stones.We have to jump out of the boat it was up to our chests and cold.Some of the soldiers drown because of their bag they were to heavy or they just got shot.We charge up the hill and every bullet that fired one soldier would fall to the ground and tumble down the hill there was a pile of soldiers down at the bottom of the hill.
6:30 as the sun slowly rises behind the hill we went to go and find wounded men it was haribol seeing all of the body part skater across the battlefield.A soldiers got picked up and both of his legs had got blown off.After we picked up all of the soldiers we started to set up base camp we had a little bakery and a little tent for the houses to sleep in it was like a barn but very little one.  


Monday, November 16, 2015


This is kapahaka at Richmond school. I had lots of fun there and I got to do what I love kapahaka. I did it for fun. I also made my family proud and happy too.